RAINBOW POLL - Love Wins Edition

In this edition, it is the Crémant POLL-FABAIRE Cuvée Rosé Brut that has been given a new look to mark Pride Month. This unique cuvée was created in collaboration with Luxembourgish artist Yannick Schumacher, known on social media as @yayaillustrations, and celebrates love, diversity and inclusion. 

This is a refreshing Crémant with a fine, brilliant salmon colour.  In the nose, aromas of red fruit, cherries and strawberries dominate.  In the mouth, it’s very creamy, aromatic and balanced.  It keeps its freshness, but is round and has body.  The play between sweetness and acidity is well balanced.  The finish is long and tempts you to pour a second glass.

Contains sulfites

Appellation d'origine protégée - Moselle luxembourgeoise

Details of the product

Colour: Rose Varietal: Crémant
Alcohol: 12.5%
74,55 € 63,37 €(i)