Riesling Machtum Ongkâf Fût de Chêne

The nose tells us at first glance that this Riesling has been matured in barrels.  Its incredible aromatic palette is marked by aromas of vanilla, licorice and notes of orange peel and pepper.Then the taste of pure Riesling, ripe yellow fruits interacting with delicate acidity and elegant minerality. The wine appears complex, dense and playful without being alcoholic. Maturing in barrels has oxygenated the wine, which is very present. A Riesling with character, independence and potential.

Appellation d'origine protégée - Moselle luxembourgeoise

Details of the product

Colour: White Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Riesling Alcohol: 12.5%
97,56 €(i)