Muselchronik 1 + 2

Literature lovers and collectors can also purchase the edition “Muselchronik  1966-1991” together with the now available “Muselchronik 1992-2016” and enjoy 50 years of Moselle history.

In fact, “Muselchronik  1966-1991” informs about the period 1966, the founding of Vinsmoselle, to 1991, the 25th anniversary of Vinsmoselle.

In addition to the current edition, containing the most important events of the year and the collected comments of the wine year, the first edition, also includes numerous expert comments on the Moselle, its viticulture, as well as a short description of 25 villages, typical for the region.

Appellation d'origine protégée - Moselle luxembourgeoise

74,36 €(i)

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